Exceptional Auto Services

When your vehicle has a problem, we can help. But RS Collision Service, Inc offers a wealth of services to keep you motoring.

If you ever wonder if it is a service that RS Collision Service provides to the Pennsylvania residents of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Marshals Creek, Mount Pocono, and surrounding areas, ask yourself if it is a repair to the body of the vehicle.

If the answer is yes, we can fix it.

Rust Repair

We only guarantee rust repair under certain circumstances. Please contact us for more information. 570-424-1183

We live in Pennsylvania. A place with blistering hot summers and cold winters filled with snow, ice, and harmful road salt. These factors cause the vehicles we own to rust more frequently than elsewhere.

After all, they don’t call us the “rust belt” for nothing!

Rust not only does not look aesthetically pleasing on your vehicle, it can eat away at the car, creating holes in the frame.

We can fix the rust and slow down the effect on the rest of the car to allow it to be ready to roll for decades to come.

Paintless Dent Repair

If your ride has a couple dings and dents from everyday wear and tear or minor accidents, RS Collision Services can help.

No matter the type of dent, it could be hail damage, creases, door dings, or other damage we can work our magic to repair the dent and not require a costly repainting of the car or damaged area.


If your car is in need of a paint job we can provide this service, even if we have not provided extensive repairs. We can change the color if desired or provide refinishing paint work.

Come in today to see what we can do! Call 570-424-1183 or email us for more information