Unparalleled Auto Body Services

No one wants to have to deal with car repairs, but it is often, sadly, a fact of life. For the best repairs around the Stroudsburg, PA area, turn to the experienced and dedicated professionals of RS Collision Service, Inc. for all your auto body work.

We understand that time without a car means a hardship of getting around town, to work, to school and limits other important daily functions. We will put your mind at ease and get your car back on the road as soon as possible. We will not cut corners, but we will work diligently until the problems are truly fixed.

Frame Repair

Unlike some of our smaller competitors, RS Collision Service has a frame rack to allow us to more easily straighten the uni-body and frame.

We also offer laser measuring system for precise and extremely accurate measurements.

Painting Process

When an automobile must go under extensive repairs, repainting is almost always a necessity. RS Collision Service has an exceptional and elaborate paint service that, coupled with our repair work, will make your vehicle look like it is rolling of the dealer’s lot again.

We use a down draft spray booth with industry-leading DuPont paint products.

Work Guaranteed

We are very confident in our work. So much so that we offer paint, parts, and body work warranties on all of the jobs we complete.

As long as you own the vehicle, we will always stand by our work. (Rust guarantee is different, please see rust repair for more information).

For more information, please call RS Collision Service, Inc. at 570-424-1183 or send us an email